Job Information Virtual Experience Host (Remote)
Job Type Full-time
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Job Status
Start Publishing 14-06-2021
Stop Publishing 10-07-2021

Virtual Experience Host (Remote)

This is a contract, freelance position requiring work outside of normal business hours. Any individuals or companies submitting a proposal for this role must qualify as either an independent business which will invoice us for services and/or an independent contractor with their own taxpayer ID number.
We are looking for an individual who wants to help a small business grow, somebody who can handle the below responsibilities, aligns with our values, and has the desire to operate as part of a team creating virtual experiences.

Our Values

We are people people.
We prioritize quality and integrity.
We are insiders.
We act with ownership and partnership.
We are explorers.

The Job Role

Our business was founded in 2014 as a travel company, offering small group tours (6-12 people) to
international destinations with a focus on culinary experiences with locals. With travel restrictions due to COVID, the company has transitioned to virtual experiences, emphasizing cultural exchange through
our live, interactive cooking classes.

The company’s team includes the founder, a full time operations manager, five contractors who moderate our classes and assist with social media and marketing, and a few advisers.
This is a role to be a representative and ambassador of the business and brand by hosting our clients
through virtual online experiences, primarily cooking classes. This role incorporates hospitality, hosting,
and technology management. The role includes hosting and moderating cooking classes over Zoom,
engaging and interacting with clients online, supporting chefs with technical help, building relationships
with vendors and clients, and leveraging technology (primarily Zoom) to elevate the quality of experiences.

There will also be overlap in working on the overall business strategy with sales, marketing & operations given that you would be a main contact for the customer and will have valuable feedback from your interactions and first-hand knowledge of experiences.

We are looking for somebody who thrives in social environments and engaging with others, is comfortable with technology, takes pride in their work, and enjoys operating as part of a team.


  • Hosting groups in a virtual environment
  • Communicating (mostly via email, Whatsapp, and Slack) with vendors and back office staff
  • Leading introductions, conversation, Q&A, and closing to create a welcoming environment for clients
  • Supporting chefs with technology help on Zoom - adjusting cameras, microphones, etc.
  • Being prompt and accountable - both in communication and for scheduled events
  • Problem solving customer issues as presented during virtual experiences
  • Sharing stories and engaging clients in positive conversations
  • Identifying individuals who may need extra attention and creating relationships of trust with them
  • Leveraging technology, especially features and functions in Zoom, to better the client experience
  • Communicating quality issues or customer service concerns with operations team
  • Creating options for solutions to evaluate and an emphasis on problem solving

Qualifications and Skills

  • Hospitality experience required - working in restaurants, hotels, or some other client-facing, customer-service role
  • Computer experience a must (this is most of the job)
  • Typing at least 70 WPM
  • Experience with Zoom or virtual meeting platforms required
  • Comfortable navigating computer programs and web quickly and easily
  • Proficient at communication via Whatsapp, Slack, email, and calendar
  • High functioning multi-tasking ability; our hosts have to simultaneously manage:
  • Chat in Zoom
  • Listening to chef and fielding questions about recipes
  • Watching people on Zoom to determine if they need help with pacing
  • Highlighting and removing highlight on different screens
  • Introducing and closing sessions with conversation
  • Basic understanding of cooking principles such as:
  • Cooking principles and kitchen environment
  • Managing cooking class flow and time
  • Obsessive attention to detail; takes pride in double-checking your work, and getting it right the first time
  • Adapts well to changing environments
  • Creates creative solutions with a customer service focus in mind
  • Loves people and enjoy socializing
  • Engages people in conversation
  • Picks up social cues and can read expressions easily and modify behavior and speaking to adapt to others
  • Passionate about customer experience and creating environments where others feel welcome
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Welcoming of feedback and coaching, especially around delegated tasks so you can learn to be more self-sufficient in decision-making
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality is required
  • Passionate about travel, culture, and cuisine

To Apply
Please send a resume or proposal, and brief statement about your interest to

Please include answers to the following questions:

  1. Where are you located? At what times are you available to work in Pacific Time?
  2. What is your experience with Zoom?
  3. What is your experience in the hospitality industry?

No recruiters or agencies, please.

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