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Working from Home and Evening Jobs

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As the cost of living continues to increase, the  necessity to supplement income is becoming more and more pressing. Many people are  in search of second job, where they are able to work in the evening or work from (home office job). Evening jobs are popular among college students and individuals with part time day jobs.

Popular evening jobs are found in the following areas:

Child Care/ Babysitting

Families will pay part-time evening care givers up to $20 an hour for child care services. It is a quick means to earn after classes. Parents will prefer that persons are already experienced with children. Infant and child CPR are considered a plus.

Pet Sitting

This is growing in popularity within the Caribbean. Much the same as babysitting, but with the furry or feathered  kind that some consider to be their children; Pet sitting will involve, feeling and walking animals when their owners are out of town.

Home Office Jobs

The first thing you should be wary of is that there are many scams on the  internet that are based on home office and work from home job opportunities. A lot of the ads you will see lead to phishing sites that collect personal data and offer no real chances for employment. Legitimate home office / work from home opportunities will never charge a fee or promise large on small investments. They will also never require you to fill out numerous surveys or ask you to sign up at  partner websites .  With all that in mind, there are legitimate work from home jobs available will include the following:


 Call Centre Jobs 

Many call centres are able to route their call directly to your home phone line. The application process will be the same as though you were applying to work in a call centre.

Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical professionals will pay to have the audio from recoded surgeries, biopsies and lectures transcribed (written out) for their records. These usually require that you have a 60WPM typing speed.

Online Tutor Jobs

There are now many homework help websites that offer help to students. They are constantly hiring and are a good way to supplement income.


Freelance Article writing

There is a need for new and updated content on the web and website owners are willing to pay you to write articles for them. Websites such as list freelance jobs that you are able to bid on. You will then have to fulfill the terms of the job you bid on.  For example, if you make a bid on a website that provides information on international travel destinations, you may be required to write 25 articles on topics such as: 

"Italian vacations"

"Places to visit in China"

"Top ten hotels in Jamaica"

"Best travel destinations"

Many of the articles will require that you do some about on online research and plagiarism is frowned upon. Article must be 100% original and in some instances must be able to pass copy scape (an online duplicate and protected content checker). In other words, copying and pasting content from another website is not allowed. You can actually make hundreds of dollars doing this, the catch is that you will have to compete with the other bidders. Starting out will therefore be difficult because employers will tend to accept the bids of more experienced freelancers.

Click here to check our new online writing job section for these work at home opportunities.

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